Plan To Stop By These Fine Pensacola FL Restaurants

Pensacola FL has quite a few nicknames. One of the is ‘The Cradle of Aviation.’ Not only does Pensacola have many nicknames, but the city also features quite a few restaurants. In this article, you are going to find out about four establishments that serve up great food. You just can’t go wrong when you know where to eat. Here are those four top Pensacola FL restaurants.

Bonelli’s Cafe Italia is one of the four. It is a cute little eatery with a green and white awning, situated behind a white picket fence on North 9th Avenue. The restaurant features additional outdoor seating, and it is said to have a family atmosphere. Reviews say that the food is scrumptious. You can certainly expect authentic Italian cuisine.

Just Fish and Grits is another good place in Pensacola to grab a good bite to eat. I hope you like fish and grits. In all seriousness, there are other things to eat at this establishment of course, and it is quite popular. I’m not personally a fan of fish and grits, but I wouldn’t mind trying them out. Just Fish and Grits is located on North Pace Boulevard, and people say that the fish sandwich is also very delicious.

Polonza Bistro is on North Palafox Street. You will notice that Palafox Street is quite the popular strip, especially for restaurants. A few menu items served up at Polonza Bistro include salmon, chicken pot pies and breakfast burritos. It is a popular place to stop by and eat brunch in Pensacola. The pancakes that make the menu highlights sound delicious, too.

Pensacola Cooks Kitchen is another favorite, and you can find it on Barrancas Avenue. The chips are homemade, and Pensacola Cooks Kitchen us said to serve up a delicious BLT. Plus, as a bonus, you can watch the chefs prepare the meal. The meatloaf is another popular menu option. Not only is the food said to be great, but the portions are said to be large.

Pensacola is said to have the world’s whites beaches. Not only is the sand sparkling white, but the water is a beautiful turquoise color. As you soak up the sun in Pensacola, these four top-ranked restaurants will show you a good time. Whether you want Italian food, fish and grits or something else, you will be satisfied if you make your way to one of these fine Pensacola FL establishments.